Cat Empire

Docuseries, (3x52min)

Cat Empire

From the dawn of humanity to online cat celebrities, this entertaining series explores the unique bond uniting humans and cats, for better and for worse.


With more than 200 million cat owners around the globe, cats are the most popular pet on the planet. And with the advent of the internet, they have entered a new era of glory.


While cat videos are among the most watched on the web, the spaces and resources devoted to them in society seem as innumerable as they are unlikely: hotels, state-of-the-art hospital, clothing brand, vegan food, film festivals, etc. Their popularity online has allowed for the rise of celebrity cats that are now helping to drive a multi-billion industry.


And why be surprised? After all, we have biologically created cats to be the object of our affection.


Going back to the origins of domestication, from prehistoric times to the present day, we uncover the reasons of this attachment and we focus on the positive and negative impacts of cats in our lives and societies.


From the U.S. to France via Canada, England and Spain, this documentary takes you to meet (crazy) cat lovers, enthusiasts, scientists and detractors of the cat to help us paint a portrait of an animal which, in spite of its great popularity, still remains enigmatic and misunderstood in many ways.

Produced by: UBIQUE|Film
Director: Jean-Philippe Brochu
Executive Producer: Pierre Brochu & Jean-Philippe Brochu
Research: Jean-Philippe Brochu & Annie Cloutier

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Categories: Animal, Technology, Wildlife



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