Derby de démolition: Une histoire de famille

(2016) Documentary, 68min

Derby de démolition: Une histoire de famille

Demolition racing is a real passion for the Gagnon family. The elder, Steve, has been traveling up and down the roads of Beauce for more than 20 years seeking out and winning demolition derbies under the admiring gaze of his wife and children. His little brother Martin has been by his side working at the family scrapyard and trying to beat him for 10 years.

At the dawn of his retirement, Steve wants to pass the wheel to his 15-year-old son Kurtis, who is just starting to drive. But stopping the competitive lifestyle won’t be easy for Steve, especially since he still wins most of his races.

From the scrapyard to the demolition arena, this action film is above all the moving portrait of a family united by iron & love.

Production Company: UBIQUE | Film
Director: Jean-Philippe Brochu
Associate producer: Pierre Brochu & Jean-Philippe Brochu
Original Score: Guillaume Morin
Research: Annie Cloutier & Jean-Philippe Brochu

Categories: Portrait, Society, SPORT



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